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The Avians are a bird-like race in Starbound. They appear to have feathers and beaks, but no wings. They are a highly religious race, worshiping Kluex, the Winged God of the Aether and former ruler of the Avians.

Background Edit

Avians believe that they lost their wings upon entering the mortal world, and will regain them in the Aether if they achieve absolution through worship.

Avian numbers dwindled until an unnamed superior race bestowed advanced technology upon them. They traveled the universe and built temples along their path. Avian weaponry looks primitive, but has incorporated highly advanced technology, making them nothing to chirp at. Some Avians quit their worship and are nicknamed "The Grounded". They find refuge amongst other races. Dev Blog - Introducing the Avians

More can be read of Avian travel and lore HERE.

Gameplay Effects Edit

If the Player chooses to be an Avian, certain things are different:

  • Reduced fall damage