Biomes are the landscapes that make up a planet, each planet will have it's own specific sets of biomes which will also determine the types of creatures and resources are readily available to you.

  • Forest - Probiably the most basic of all the biomes, this will most likely be the main biome on the first planet you visit because of it's vast trees and life.
  • Ocean - Will be filled with plenty of fish and sea monsters. Oceans are huge so save this biome for when you get a decent boat.
  • Frozen Ocean - Will most likely occur in planets with a significant amount of water and far away from the solar system's sun.
  • Desert - Tree life and plant life will be near non-existant but pyramid structures are very much possible as they can be seen in the background.
  • Snow - Not much is know about the snow biomes at this point but penguins have been proven thanks to Insomnia 49.
  • Jungle - A much denser version of the forest, plant and animal life could be much more diverse.
  • Moon - small, barren, low gravity and low atmosphere so oxygen masks are necessary.
  • Volcano - Very hot, don't expect much plant life but creatures are expected to be difficult.
  • Crystal - Consists of crystal trees and grass. Little is known about this biome as only one screenshot has ever been posted. Very possible it is a mini-biome.
  • Tentacle - A planet will a whole mess of monsterous tentacles overgrowing the plant's surface. these will be the hardest biome in the game and has signifigance to the main storyline as the human race's homeworld was destroyed by such abominations.

    • Forest
    • Ocean
    • Frozen Ocean
    • Desert
    • Snow
    • Jungle
    • Moon
    • Volcano
    • Crystal
    • Tentacle

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