This article lists everything that is known about Starbound so far, collected from official sources and developer statements.

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Release & distribution Edit

  • Starbound is set to be released at some point in 2013.
  • Starbound is written in C++ and will run natively on the three major platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.[1]
  • It will likely release on Steam, taking advantage of Steamworks features. The distribution method for Linux will most likely be the steam linux client.
  • A beta is planned, but specifics are not pinned down yet.[1]

Multiplayer Edit

  • Starbound will feature multiplayer, both cooperative and PVP.[1]
  • The entire game can be experienced with other players.[2]
  • Difficulty will scale to the number of players.[2]
  • Servers can be configured to allow pre-existing characters to join, or force players to start a new one.[3]

Gameplay & controls Edit

  • Money (currency: Pixels[3]) will play a huge role in Starbound.[2]
  • The penalty for dying is a monetary loss of some, but not all, pixels.[2]
  • An optional food/hunger meter.

Combat Edit

  • Combat in Starbound will be tactical, relying on teamwork movement.[3]
  • There will be a shield/blocking mechanic.[4]
    • Being hit while blocking causes a bit of damage that can be recovered unless you are hit.
    • Attacking after blocking a few attacks causes a stronger counter-attack.
  • Projectile Weapons will be customizable.
    • Rarity will affect what kind of mods you can add.
    • Some mods are only available for the rare weapons.

Equipment Edit

  • 10 tiers of armor [5]
    • every race has their own armor per tier (60 altogethet)
    • armor is found in chest and drops by NPCs
    • races can share armors

Crafting Edit

  • Cooking
    • You can set up campfire where you can cook something. (bacon) [6]
  • Crop farming
    • Need to plant seeds. [7]

Not in the game Edit

These features have explicitly been confirmed as not being in the game.

  • Tools breaking. (Things such as pickaxes can become blunt, though.)
  • Microtransactions (ie, a Cash Shop).[3]

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