Example Procedural Generation Monsters

Example Procedural Generation Monsters. Full Credit for these Pics go to the Starbound Dev Team.

In Starbound, Most Monsters are created through Procedural Generation, making for enormous varieties of Monsters. Various 'parts' are combined semi-logically with Colors, AIs, & Behaviors to create unique Monsters, so you can go to Thousands of Planets & it will be very difficult to encounter Monsters that are almost identical to previously encountered Species. This is a big Game Feature compared to older school games that could have 50-200 Monsters in it, yet have many of them simply being Re-Colors of older Monsters in the game. Procedurally Generated Monsters also mean that one has to explore carefully, for it may not be possible to predict what kinds of creatures you will encounter, & ya don't want your first encounter with a creature to be your last...

Powerful Monsters called "Bosses" are also Procedurally Generated, making for new & exciting Boss Fights that aren't likely to play out similarly to prior Boss Fights earlier in the game.