Procedural generation is the process by which Starbound creates many of the game elements. Rather than having predetermined values, elements that are procedurally generated can vary from encounter to encounter. Procedural generation uses a randomness algorithm to select the actual features of an object from a set of possibilities.

Instances Edit

Planets Edit

Main article: Planet

Every planet that the Player explores is procedurally generated. Details such as terrain, weather, and gravity are all the result of procedural generation.

Dungeons Edit

Main article: Dungeon#Generation

The layout of each Dungeon is procedurally generated, with the guidance of template images to provide designs for various rooms.

Creatures Edit

Main article: Creature generation

Creatures are created using select colors and pre-made body parts. Much like how you can make your character in the game.

Weapons Edit

Main article: Weapon generation

With the exception of a small set of potentially static weapons, every gun, sword, etc. in Starbound is procedurally generated. There are literally millions of possible variations on weapons as each attribute is selected randomly.

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