New Canvas 2

2 New Starbound Screenshots Read More

Armor Creature2

The Starbound team released 2 new screenshots.

The new Starbound wallpaper kinda looks like SAO. Read More

New wallpaper2

The Starbound team released a new wallpaper and it kinda looks like SAO.

LEAKED! Crafting, capes, and accessories. Read More

Crafting Capes And Accessories.

The Starbound team has let slip an image of crafting in their IRC. We find out there are capes and much more in the upcoming game...

Tiy released a new image containing a new armor and a new monster. Read More

Armor Creature

The Starbound team released a new picture that gives us some more insight into the game.

Starbound Wallpaper with some hidden content! Read More

New Wallpaper

Starbound released a sweet new Wallpaper. Check it out!

A Crazy new monster in Starbound. It has two mouths! Read More


Every week the Starbound team releases a new monster. This weeks monster has two mouths! It's a pretty crazy monster and looks to be one of the more inventive monsters out of all the ones released. We can only hope that more monsters in the future look as interesting as this one.

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