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How about this button order on the main page?:

Weapons - Armors - Tools - Accessories - Blocks - Crafting

Races - Enemies - Bosses - NPCs - Mechs - Research

Planets - Biomes - Environment - Youtube - Facebook - Twitter

Another things, like Developers, music, mods, help for wikia editors, release date, ect

may be show up as links under the buttons like this:

See also:

  • link#1
  • link#2
  • ...

Or "Other important things", or "Read more..."

HERO response.Edit

About the youtube/facebook/twitter This wiki is not just a regular wiki. I recommend creating for anyone wanting to create just a regular wiki. This wikia has a clear purpose which can be found Articles of Business

I will be adding a ton of link below the buttons. I just put that together to test things out and see how the spacing looked.HeroGaming (talk) 21:12, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

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