• Dr.elisey

    Dark Star, Adventure

    July 20, 2013 by Dr.elisey

    This epic story that no one not even in my dreams, dreaming, it's about a ferocious race of cyborgs, "Repo!" ruthless race that loves human flesh! devouring and tearing it live! and the other of Repo Men laugh at human flesh, "uhahahaha!" entertains them and then destroying their planet, with super weapons Dark-Star, a huge station death rippers, which destroyed hundreds of non-planets! who will stop the relentless race? who will risk everything they have, something to stop the Reapers once-and-forever!

    'History 1. Part 1. invading Reapers! '

    Background: The 3039-year, next year, the earth is going through hard times, she had to endure the onslaught of eight states, planetary coalitions that do not respect the Earthlings, and are willing to g…

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