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    A fresh start.

    January 18, 2013 by HeroGaming

    This wiki has been reassigned to me and I have been undating regularly. I am the only user here at the moment but soon I will let my subcribers know I am working on this wiki. I am waiting because I would like to lay the groundwork of the wiki, give it direction, and then bring on others to assist in keeping up the wiki. This is a wiki about the starbound content I produce 1st and then a resource for starbound 2nd. I want to give the wiki this direction from the start and then bring others on. A long time ago I worked on the terraria wiki and saved it from falling into ruin. I wanted to take that wiki in a certian direction but the wiki already had its course. I am making this wiki from the start as a HERO and Starbound wiki. That way peop…

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