You will be able to get and add mods to your weapons. Some weapons have mods that make them do very different things. Example, a hammer mod lets you smack the ground and create a shockwave that travels along hurting enemies.

It is unsure, but likely that there will be a flashlight mod that allows your weapon to shine some light in the direction it is pointing.


The rarity of a weapon determines which Weapon Mods may be included with the weapon. This table (incomplete) shows what the different Rarity values unlock:

Rarity Mods Unlocked
Common unknown
?? ??
?? explosive shots, bouncing bullets, branching shots
?? ??
?? ??
Super Rare unknown

HERO Note: This sounds great. This sounds like attachable Weapon upgrades. Something like what the reborn mod was supposed to have in Terraria.--HeroGaming (talk) 07:51, January 17, 2013 (UTC)